Finish locking down rev1
Maximize usability through interaction with active users
Security, change records, and groups
Start Improving smart sorting and smart selects
Improve code for maintainability
  • Find an investor
    • Assumptions
      • x will support all non-human animals
      • x will monetize hardware IOT products
      • data belongs to the animals
        • animals are owned
      • anonymized data will support proactive animal husbandry
      • open (not open source), free software
        • empowers humans to optimize health and welfare
        • from a veterinary perspective
  • Engage for 5 years
    • Security
    • Reporting
      • empower users
    • API
    • Rapid Dev
      • empower users
    • Help, Issue Tracking, Findings
  • WebRTC
  • OpenCV
  • DNA and subjectively observed allelles
  • ads, inventory management and scraping

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